H2 Soft Seltzer

H2 Soft Seltzer 0.0% beverage is a thirst-quenching sparkling water lightly flavored with 100% California wine. Enjoy this wholesome, 0.0% alcohol refreshment, only 30-60 calories per can, with zero grams of added sugar—just a small amount from the natural grapes. We hope you’ll love each of H2’s eight delicious flavors just as much as we do. And your body will benefit from
H2’s extra burst of antioxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Potassium and Calcium electrolytes.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Soft Seltzer 0.0%

Soft Seltzer 0.0%

Soft Seltzer 0.0%

Soft Seltzer 0.0%

Soft Seltzer 0.0%


Clean, healthy, delicious, refreshing. We invented the Soft Seltzer 0.0% beverage as our
answer to hard seltzer. Unlike hard seltzers, H2 contains 0.0% alcohol.
We’ve lightly infused sparkling mineral water (drawn from an
ancient, pristine aquifer), with hints of our favorite
Sonoma wine. Lovingly crafted for all of us
who appreciate the romance of wine
country, and desire something
purely hydrating to drink
when we’re not
wine tasting.

A unique chapter begins….

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Purely Refreshing

Elegant and thirst-quenching, H2® Soft SeltzerTM 0.0% beverage is made with pure sparkling water with hints of our favorite California wine varietals. H2’s contains 0.0% alcohol. Enjoy hydrating with pure goodness! Our non-GMO, vegan-friendly H2 contains zero gluten, sulfites, or artificial flavors, and we've added no sugar or other sweeteners. H2 is the first of its kind.
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  • No Gluten

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • Non-GMO

Born in California

The Soft Seltzer Legend Begins

Invented by a vintner and crafted by the legendary winemaker Robert Rex. Both friends realized that beyond their award-winning wines made in Sonoma, California, they craved an elegant, 0.0% alcohol, wine-flavored sparkling water they could drink anytime. These two friends who make and taste wines for a living wanted an alternative wine-themed beverage without the alcohol.
Nothing existed, so they invented H2 Soft Seltzer with 0.0% alcohol, a mouthwatering wine-country-themed refreshment to enjoy while bicycling, working out, hanging with friends, or driving down the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1).

“When wine is the draw but alcohol is not the call, H2 is the protocol!"


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