Frequently Asked Questions

What is a H2® Soft SeltzerTM 0.0% ?

We invented Soft SeltzerTM as an alternative to Hard Seltzer, which contains alcohol. H2® has great flavor with 0.0% alcohol. H2O is mineral-rich, sparkling water infused with dealcoholized premium wine made from 100-percent California varietal wine grapes, with natural flavor extracts and electrolytes. We also infuse H2O with key antioxidant vitamins, potassium, and calcium, for nutritional and hydrational benefits. H2O is deliciously refreshing, clean and healthy.

Does H2 Soft Seltzer have alcohol?

How can H2O be wine-infused and still alcohol free?

What are the ingredients and nutrition information of the H2 Soft Seltzer 0.0% ?

H2 have sulfites?

What is the shelf life of H2?

Does H2 have gluten?

Does H2 have added sugars?

Does H2 have GMO ingredients?

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