Frequently Asked Questions

What is a H2® Soft SeltzerTM 0.0% ?

We invented Soft SeltzerTM as an alternative to Hard Seltzer, which contains alcohol. H2® has great flavor with 0.0% alcohol. It’s a refreshingly sparkling water from an ancient, pristine aquifer infused with the flavors of our favorite California wines. H2® is deliciously refreshing, clean and healthy.

Does H2 Soft Seltzer have alcohol?

How can H2O be wine-infused and still alcohol free?

What are the ingredients and nutrition information of the H2 Soft Seltzer 0.0% ?

H2 have sulfites?

What is the shelf life of H2?

Does H2 have gluten?

Does H2 have added sugars?

Does H2 have GMO ingredients?

I would love to partner with the H2 Soft Seltzer beverage. How do I get started?