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Spring is here! Enjoy a glass of sparkling Rosé with zero alcohol!

Finally… rosé season is upon us.  Rosé is perfectly paired with spring and summer weather (and as some of us believe, all the time)! 

There is nothing so refreshing as a well-chilled glass of Rosé on a warm and sunny day. And don't be afraid to toss in an ice cube — they do so in Paris, you know! This Rosé, made from our finest Pinot Noir grapes, is more than just a no-alcohol wine refreshment. It the first of its kind to market... we’re so proud of it!

Refreshing, fruity, not too dry, not too sweet — H2O Sonoma Seltzer is a perfect drink to share at spring gatherings, celebrations, toasts to love, and simply to rehydrate while playing sports or driving down the Coast Highway.

Light, bright, delicious — and above all, Zero Alcohol.

My warmest, sunshiny spring wishes to you and yours!

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