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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks to Pair with H2O 0.0% ALC Soft Seltzer Wine

The time has arrived again to gather up around the TV with snacks and beverages to watch the excitement of the highlight of American Football, the Super Bowl. When organizing an event, it's essential to know what you will be serving your family and guests. This includes everything from the food and beverages. That is why we have the perfect collection of recipes for you to pair with our 0.0% Alc Wine Soft Seltzer that goes wonderfully with each one of these foodie items.

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What to Drink When You're Not Drinking!

Whether you are taking a break from drinking alcohol for wellness purposes or you would simply like to enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic beverage either on the go or in the comfort of your own home, H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer 0.0% Alc is the perfect alternative to beer, wine, and cocktails.

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