Copy of The power of crowdfunding: Giving the public control!

As we recently launched a crowdfunding campaign through StartEngine, a leading funding portal for Reg A and Reg CF fundraising, we’ve been asked why we chose to launch a crowdfunding raise - so I thought I’d share my thoughts and rationale.

I’m a big believer that consumer participation strengthens loyalty.  This "word of mouth" helps develop innovative brands, transforming the entire role of marketers and how they work.

Innovation, innovation, innovation...

H2O is a pioneer sparkling water refreshment born in Sonoma Valley, California - the heart of America's winemaking region.  For everyone who wishes they could enjoy the intensely-flavored grape varietals traditionally reserved for wine – but without the alcohol, Sonoma Valley-based winemaker George Zanganas with this brother Don, launched H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer, a sparkling “alternative” beverage featuring 0.0% alcohol. H2O is the world’s first wine-infused no-alcohol sparkling refreshment.


Signing of the JOBS Act at the White House Rose Garden, 2012



Will the marketing for our funding campaign also gain us customers?

Getting a funding campaign out there entails significant marketing costs. If your product is not broadly available to buy, rent, or use by general consumers, the marketing costs you incur will only generate investment returns and not future customers. Because anyone can pilot our HEXA aircraft (not just licensed pilots), as we’re marketing our crowdfunding campaign we’re also marketing our product for future sales. We’re essentially creating “super fan” customers who have an interest in seeing us succeed.