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Wherever life takes you, take H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer.

Every now and then, there comes along something that fills a gap or provides a valuable missing link. With invention, this often starts with a question. Ours did, too: How can people who love wine experience the essence of wine wherever, whenever they like?

As passionate wine-makers at the Deerfield Winery in the heart of Sonoma Valley, we combined our 50 years of experience to create the world’s first wine-infused soft seltzerTM (0.0% alcohol).

So if you’re ready for a brand new beverage, then H2 Sonoma Soft Seltzer might be your new sparkling water drink. Enjoy it as a healthy, refreshing alternative to wine, beer, cocktails or champagne. Have a glass in the bath, with lunch, or even drink it on the go.

We have eight great wine-infused varieties of alcohol-free beverages, with an assortment of combinations, including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Moscato, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel.

H2 Sonoma Soft Seltzer is great for so many reasons:

  • Just 30-60 calories per can
  • 100% of daily vitamins C and B12
  • Enhanced with antioxidants & electrolytes
  • Potassium & calcium added
  • No sulfites, no gluten, no artificial flavors
  • No added sugar—just a small amount from the natural grapes

Plus, we source our pristine water onsite at our vineyard, which infuses our beverage, drawing from the age-old Sonoma Valley aquifer.

So why not embrace your love of the vine? Find your favorite H2 Sonoma Soft Seltzer online or at a place near you.

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