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Three Awesome Memorial Day Ideas To Honor The Day.

1. Write a handwritten note to a soldier and his or her family. If you don’t know a military family personally, simply deliver your note to any A Million Thanks drop-off locations.

2. Truly pause for a minute of silence. Wherever you live, at 3pm on Memorial Day let’s all join in The National Moment of Remembrance. Let’s consider our gratitude for the soldiers and veterans who have served our country.

3. Deliver dessert to a local military family. Whatever treat you’re making this coming weekend, simply double the recipe. A sweet way to say "thank you” is to hand-deliver a homemade dessert to the home of an active, retired, or fallen soldier.

Pair your Memorial weekend travels and meals with H2O’s deliciously hydrating drive-safe zero alcohol refreshments. Together we can help make this weekend a safer and healthier holiday, friends. Let’s do it!

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We wish you a wonderful holiday!

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