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Dry March - Going Dry On Alcohol Made Easier With H2o 0.0% Alc.



If you're looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle after indulging in food and drink over the recent holiday season, H2o 0.0% Alc. has a solution. We're launching a Dry March campaign at the winery in Sonoma, inspired by the popular trend of Dry January, where consumers give up alcohol for a month.

But going dry doesn't have to mean giving up fun - H2o 0.0% Alc. is partnering with local fitness instructors and a winery chef to curate a virtual activity to enjoy with a can of sparkling H2o 0.0% Alc.  We want to help people adopt a more balanced lifestyle without sacrificing enjoyment. Georgos Zanganas, Co-founder of H2o 0.0% - Sonoma Soft Seltzer, said, "now you can still have fun while working towards a balanced lifestyle".

Send us an email if you are interested to learn more about more about our virtual events.


P.S. Please remember: “a great Pinot Noir doesn’t need alcohol”


We invite you to join us to go dry this March. Please enjoy saving 10% this week on our no-alcohol 4-packs of H2o Sonoma Soft Seltzer. ( Use Promocode: DryMarch at our Amazon store

Please share the love with your friends and family. They will appreciate knowing that our sparkling H2o refreshment is created from pure water infused with sustainably grown, gently dealcoholized premium wine grapes, with an extra boost of antioxidant vitamin C, and magnesium for supreme hydration. No alcohol. No added sugar. No Sulfites. Simply pure goodness.

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