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H2o Promotes “Driver-Safe” Wine-Themed Party Refreshment

The scorching summer weather tempts us to desire refreshing food and beverages. Interestingly, consuming cold drinks aids our bodies in combating the summer heat.

Partaking in drinking sessions during the summer is inevitable. However, there are ways to savor the season without becoming intoxicated.

Consider summer as an opportunity to connect with loved ones. Instead of alcohol, create non-alcoholic beverages by experimenting with various fruit combinations that are perfect for staying cool in hot weather.

H2o is the first-to-market wine-infused soft seltzer. It remains the market leader in its pioneering new category of zero-alcohol wine-themed refreshments. H2o is designed for health- and safety-conscious drinkers who wish to enjoy the intensely-flavored grape varietals traditionally reserved for wine, but without the alcohol. H2o provides the nuanced flavors of California fine wines, and yet is also refreshing. It is reminiscent of wine, but light, sparkling, and uniquely hydrating. H2o Sonoma Soft Seltzer has benefitted from California Polytechnic University's collaboration and support, and from peer-reviewed accolades published in scientific journals acknowledging H2o’s successful efforts to create nonalcoholic wine refreshments with health benefits.

Always remember, the only foolproof way to ensure you can drive safely is to abstain from consuming alcohol altogether. Opt for soft drinks or alcohol-free beverages with an alcohol content below 0.5%, and you can have a fantastic night out without worrying about exceeding the legal drink driving limit!

Happy Driving this Summer!

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