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2023 Sonoma Valley Grape Harvesting Season!

Sonoma Valley bursts with vibrancy and exhilaration as the harvest season unfolds each year between August and October.

Caring for the grapevines is a continual effort spanning the entire year, but it is during this specific period that the vineyards and wineries thrive with an abundance of laborers hurrying to gather grapes when they are at their prime level of ripeness. The entire valley becomes infused with the delightful aromas of the harvest, accompanied by the perfect, warm autumn climate.

The commencement of the "crush" signifies the beginning of the harvest, typically in early August, with the initial focus on picking grapes for sparkling wines. Following closely behind are the majority of white wines, making their way from the vineyard to the crush pad. 

As the harvest progresses, red varieties, which require additional time to fully mature, are harvested until late October, sometimes extending into early November. Among the red varieties, Pinot Noir grapes in Sonoma Valley are harvested earlier for a lighter, fruiter wine.

Late-harvest wines, distinguished by their prolonged time on the vine, are gathered beyond the usual harvest period, allowing the grapes to reach higher levels of ripeness and concentrated sugars. Harvesting of these grapes can persist until December.

The culmination of the harvest season marks the onset of Cabernet Season, providing winemakers a well-deserved opportunity to relax and savor the fruits of their labor.

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